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Why Place to Place?
About Place to Place Massage
Place to Place is a Utah based massage provider specializing in on-site corporate massage.  Corporate massage therapy is an ever increasing field within the massage industry.  More and more business owners are beginning to see the positive effects of periodic chair massage on their workforce.  Place to Place focuses on long-term therapy plans, emphasizing personal treatment for each employee as often as possible.  These repeated visits allow our therapists to maximize the effects of the treatment, creating an increasingly healthier, more productive staff over time.  Most clients select therapy plan including bimonthly visits to each desiring employee.; however, short term, even single-visit plans are available as well.  Please contact us for more detailed information regarding treatment plans and pricing.  
It is true that there are numerous options for massage treatment in Utah.  It is important to realize however, that seated chair massage is as specific a modality as there is.  The shortened massage routine relies on a variety of techniques specific to this treatment.  Place to Place Massage therapists are fully trained, experienced and highly functional in the seated modality.  Years of experience treating office employees exclusively means that Utah business owners will be receiving the specific and qualified care targeted to the workplace - a combination difficult to find elsewhere.  Please see the testimonials for detailed customer experiences.