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I never knew my typing all day killed my shoulder and back muscles so bad.  When I return to work it's like being straightened out and aligned again.  Place to Place is excellent.  The massages have been a highlight to look forward to.

    S. Taylor - Regional Service Manager
The ten minute chair massages are a breath of fresh air, and a much needed change of pace.  It relaxes and re-energizes me, and greatly improves my mood.  I feel much better able to handle the stresses of the day after a session.  It is extremely easy to schedule sessions with the Place to Place therapist, and she is very flexible with schedule changes.  Sessions are just a few steps away - so it couldn't be easier to have.  Not to mention the fact that the Place to Place therapist can customize the massage to meet individual needs.

    B. Benz - CFO
A ten minute massage from Place to Place brightens my day!  It creates a little moment of peace and relaxation in an otherwise non-stop day.  My therapist is very professional yet thoughtful.  She is specific to your needs and concerns (especially when you're pregnant).  As a first-time massage receiver, I have already been comfortable and confident in her.

    Lita Q. - Inside Sales Administrator
It doesn't just affect my day but can make a week's worth of frustrations melt away, for at least a short period of time, helping me relax and open my mind afterwards to more productive and accurate decision making.  The P to P therapist is friendly - we can chat about anything and there is never a lack of smiles.  She is professional as well.  I feel confident in our conversations and feel that she is punctual and courteous.

    Jason S. - Regional Service Manager
When we are able to receive the 10 minute massages it really brightens up the sometimes boring work day.  It's nice to get to just relax for a bit and then afterwards come back feeling great and relieved of some extra stress.  Also, being able to talk to the therapist is fun, she's very sociable and nice.  She is great.  She is always pleasant and friendly.  She understands that we are sometimes sore or stressed and she and she does a wonderful job during her massages.  She is great at getting knots out and making your back feel so much better when you're done.

    Megan K. - Inventory Clerk