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The human body is an intricate web of bones, organs and functionary systems, made up of individual cells.  Woven throughout the cells, forming the internal structure of the body, is the fascia, a massive connective tissue formed from long protein molecules called collagen.  According to standard bodily function, collagen molecules form incredibly hard hydrogen bonds with each other, doing so along natural lines of tension, such as tendons, ligaments and muscle fibers.

Unfortunately, collagen can also forms bonds along abnormal lines of tension which can be created as a result of our daily activities.  Sustained unnatural postures, such as lengthy amounts of time seated in an office chair, or hunched over a computer, can lead to strength in the fascia that is out of place, and ultimately limiting to a standard free range of motion.

Because the fascia exhibits a liquid/gel complex, being more solid in the regions with patterned collagen bonds, massage therapy can demonstrate profound results in restoring the body to its optimal structural condition.  Specialized massage strokes can be successful i increasing the temperature of the gel-like fascia, turning it to the consistency of liquid and in the process giving it a new pliability.  By stroking in harmony with the striation of muscles, our therapists are able to mold the fascia back to its proper shape, relieving pain and enabling full mobility.  Ultimately, there is a reason why it feels so good.
More Than Just Feeling Good
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